November 25, 2011

he's building me a house

yo, so, you may or may not know that whilst inhabiting a glorious little single-wide trailer my farmer has been building me a house. a house on a hill that overlooks pivots. i never thought those pivots would look so so good. allow me to bring you up to speed. this is what we started with. farmer brought me up here before we were even married and said he would build me a house right here...

and he meant it! he started with the excavation and concrete...
and then they put up some walls...
and then i showed up after work and demonstrated what i would do in different rooms of the house...

showering, obvs.

having a sleep in my future bed.

and what the...sick. in the bathroom.

okay, bare with me here folks. it's been months in the making. 10 months to be exact. so after i did my posing/helping i snapped this photo...the house was really movin' and groovin' until...

see all the white wrapped around the house and all the black on the roof? our neck of the woods we get the most ridic. wind storms. ri. dic. we had to re-wrap and re-cover the house three or four times. i don't remember the exact count. i've blocked it out. the wind just kept tearing it off. it was a pretty stressful time. farmer was trying to farm and build at this point. it seemed like every time we thought we were at a stopping point for the season a wind storm would come along and rip everything off. i hate the wind. it messes my hair. it dries my skin. wind delays my house. but then...a miracle happened and we were able to shingle the roof and get siding on the house...

note - this isn't the actual color of the house...we still have to paint.
so then our sad little house sat like this (minus the deck) all summer long. and i would come up and visit her and have really elaborate daydreams of cooking in the kitchen and sleeping in our new bedroom and doing laundry in our mud room. yes, i dream of doing laundry. whatevs. and then another miracle happened! we got a break in the farming season! it's a magical time between haying finishing up and waiting for the corn to dry. that's when my farmer hit it hard. he's been working every day since. my dad even designed and stayed with us for two weeks to build this glorious deck!

and while i'm handing out credit, let's give some where it's due:
russell's mom - electrician guru! the lady wired our whole house and i was her assistant.
russell's dad - a wealth of knowledge and jack of all trades. he helped wherever he could.
uncle rick - thanks for helping us finish up our deck!
ryan johnson - i saw you "helping" with those trusses. nobody could have held that rope as well as you. you're the best!
kod - i don't know what you did, but you were there!
kell - i don't know what you did, but you were there in the rain and wind.
otto & jeanine - the most fun i've had at the house to date.

okay, now that the thank-you's are taken care of...
we finally got the deck completely covered and when i woke up on saturday around 6 am, i rolled over and told farmer i had an idea. we bundled up, drove to the 1-stop (tiny market/liquor store), purchased some bailey's, drove to our house, drank coffee on the deck = heaven.

i love you house. i'll see you soon!

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