November 21, 2011

about bell

hi hi hi hi hi. my name is karli and i'm the lucky bride of my farmer. that's right gals. MY farmer. we live in a small farming community in idaho. we were married in august 2010 and it was a magical day full of nerves, dancing, champagne and oodles of love. seriously! you would not believe the love pouring out of me. (i've been known to have a cold, dead heart. emotionally unavailable, if you will.)

let's see...i grew up in a town of about 50,000 and followed my older sister to college in a town eight miles from my parent's house. while in college i did some dating, minimal studying, a little travel and managed to wind up with a degree. what?! then i moved to the big city, bumbled around with jobs for a bit and that's when i met my farmer. oh, what's that you say? how did i meet him? glad you asked...

i met my farmer when my farmer was an engineer. we met at a golf tournament and i had my eye on the prize from the moment i saw him. we played 18 and parted ways but i knew i needed to see him again. so what does any girl do with the power of the world wide web at her fingertips? she sufficiently stalks him until her heart is content. we're talkin' sizing up old girlfriends and close family friends that he's known since he was two that you think could still pose a threat. Once you've sufficiently talked yourself up proving to yourself that you've got all the other gals beat, track down his e-mail address and ask him on a date. oh, do girls not normally do that? just me? oh. minor details. i asked him out. end of story. and now look at us! yay! i win. i really really did. oh wait, that's not the end of our story.

so the next thing i know, we've dated, broken up, dated, broken up, dated, i moved to prague. yep, i did. this back and forth bizz was not sitting well with me. so distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? right. what does any logical girl do if four years later she's still trying to win her man? girl moves across the atlantic, obvs! everyone knows this.

while in prague, engineer decided it was a great idea to buy a farm. so he did. with the help of his fabulous, hard-working parents, he bought the farm right next door. they've been farming the land together ever since. so, engineer became a farmer and moved from the big city to here...

fast-forward. i couldn't stand being away from farmer, and as it turns out, he couldn't stand being away from me, so i just had to move home. fast-forward. he proposed. fast-forward. we were married and i moved here...

then we started building this...

we're still working on it. slowly but surely we're going to finish it up and be living in our little love-shack.

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  1. Hi, just stumbled to your blog via Amy Johnson's blog! I am from India and an immigrant (legal, LOL) to this great country. I arrived from the busy bustling New Delhi (India) to Boise, ID!!! The first thing I noticed was how wonderful the people are there! I lived there for 3 years and moved because of of my husband's job. I now live in New York and pity all those immigrants who come to the big metro cities of US and just stay there, as that's the only America they'd ever know! They don't know what they are missing!:-) If I could, I'd move back to Idaho in a heartbeat! May be the retirement years..LOL!
    You look gorgeous on your wedding day!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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