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December 12, 2017


who likes marshmallows?!

if you said yes, leave this post immediately...because we are anti-marshmallow around here. (at least when it comes to sweet potatoes.)

i first fell in love with this dish when boise got it's very own ruth's chris restaurant. they have this sweet potato casserole that tastes like dessert and butter and butter and it really is so very yummy. it also leaves you feeling like a fat dog heavy if you take more than a few bites. at least that was my experience after i finished an entire serving...because i'm not a quitter, especially when it comes to cleaning my plate.

fast forward to a few thanksgivings ago...i knew i wanted some to make sweet potatoes, so i looked up a copycat recipe and whipped it up. it was a huge least i'm assuming so since my 9x13 inch dish was all but licked. that particular time i had cut the added sugar by 1/4...and i personally thought it was still too sweet...albeit delicious.

and so the story goes...each time i've made it since i've continued to cut the sugar (both brown and granulated) by a bit and a bit and a bit more...and this last time was it! it was just the right amount, and now you neeeeed to pin yourself this recipe and insist you bring sweet potato casserole to whatever christmas dinner you're attending...or staying at home...or just whatever.

i think i failed to mention - this recipe is EASY. so very very easy. and no marshmallows. (i think i did mention that.)


for the topping
1/4 c brown sugar
1/3 c flour (i used gluten free)
1 cup chopped pecans (i used my food processor to give them a slightly choppy don't want them completely pulverized)
1/2 c butter, melted (don't skimp on the butter...never do)

sweet potato mixture
6 medium sized sweet potatoes (give or take, i've added and can't go wrong)
note - i just chop mine into large cubes and boil for about 25 minutes (or until a mashable consistency) and drain.
1/4 (or less) c sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs, well beaten
1/4 c butter, melted


1. combine the brown sugar, flour, nuts and butter and mix. don't taste'll want to nibble it until it's gone. just set that aside.

2. preheat your oven to 350ยบ

3. take your sweet potatoes and use a hand mixer to get them to their creamy texture. then add...

4. sugar, salt, vanilla, eggs and butter into the large mixing bowl your sweet potatoes are in - in that order. mix that well.

5. transfer your mixture into a buttered baking dish. i think a 9x13 inch dish works well, but i'm sure you could use two 8x8 inch pans or maybe even a large dutch oven type dish. the important part is that it gets heated through thoroughly and evenly.

6. final step! sprinkle the pecan topping evenly on top and place in the oven for 30 minutes. once the baking is finished, allow to sit for another 30 minutes - those potatoes will be hot. enjoy!

don't forget to pin me for later!
December 07, 2017


ummm...remember when i was pregnant with kaye? and then i blinked and now i have a third daughter who is three months old, has started sitting up in a bumbo, drools like a crazy person, smiles ALL THE TIME, and has the chubbiest boobies i've ever seen...

yeahhhh...the days are long but the years are short. never has there been a truer statement. (especially yesterday. yesterday was a long day.) but let's take a pause...

first of all, if you need to get caught up, you can find elli's birth story here.

and then her one month update here, and her two month here.

this month was a wild one. we have our farmer busy trying to finish up his corn. there was thanksgiving with a big road trip to california, and all things school related. (seriously - the girls go to school two days a week and i don't know what i'm going to do when it's five days a week. i already feel like there is always something going on.) i took a work trip to california for four days. i tried to smuggle elli along with me, but my farmer all but kicked me out the door at 6 am and said, "don't call us until sunday night."

he loves me, guys. he really does.

pair all this with other work obligations - if someone had told me that two months after having elli my design business would be the busiest it's ever been i would have said - shut your filthy mouth. but it really has blown up. when it rains it pours.

the only downside is that i absolutely hate the idea of it taking away from time with my gals. so typically i stay up late and / or wake up super early (even if i've been up with elli in the night)...and then there are the hours i can steal here and there when our farmer takes elli farmering and the gals are at school. we're juggling.

thank god elli is so very very easy breezy go with the flow.

let's talk about elli.

let's talk about how she still smiles ear to ear every time i get her out of her crib. let's talk about the insane amount of bubbles and drool she creates after every nursing session. let's talk about how when i was in california i pumped for four days and i'm pretty sure my boobs will never be the same...but on that note...elli takes a bottle like a champion and my farmer successfully kept all three girls alive and ridiculously happy for four days all on his own. i can't even do that.


nicknames | the baby (quite literal), sweet baby girl, elli boo boo, poopies

size | sweet girl is growing and growing. she's definitely in the 14 pound range and i just bought her some new clothes that are 6 - 9 months...because she's just so long. whyyyyy? why can't my last baby stay itty-bitty for just a little longer?

but as we're discussing her kind of makes me think that maybe she won't be the advanced walkers her sisters were. (9 and 10 months, respectively.) i mean...elli just has such a giant head. that's got to throw her balance off. i know it's throwing off her tummy time. she has such a hard time lifting that melon off the floor. bless her.

sleep | my sweet muff is a sleeper. she wakes around 7 am and then takes her first name about an hour later. she repeats that pattern all day and then goes down for the night around 7pm. i'll be super duper jazzed when she starts taking those two long naps a day. that's always a game-changer for productivity.

eats | girlfriend...when she was drinking from a bottle with my farmer i guess she was going ever 3 - 5 hours. now that i'm home...hey mom! i want to eat every 2 hours, mmmmk? so...that's been fun, but whatever. she's a hungry muff and i love those opportunities to just hold her and smell her and rub her sweet head. she's just so soft. (did things just get weird?)

loves | elli loves her farmer, sisters, and me. that's all that matters. oh...and she loves sleeping and eating and getting her picture taken and going for adventures...and did i mention eating and sleeping? she's also started to enjoy time on her play mat. there's a particular rattle that she makes eyes at. laser focus, that one. she'll whap and whap it...and i love it. (it's the little things.)

dislikes | oh mercy. with all the things she loves, i know exactly what she doesn't love. she does not love when sawyer scares her. there have been a few instances when sawyer has taken it upon herself to jump in the area of elli while they're on the couch or get in her face unexpectedly...and it just sends elli right into panic mode and lots of crying. luckily, that hasn't happened for awhile. i think it scared sawyer too, so hopefully we're past that.

i'd like to say that having three kids is getting easier...but's just getting busier. i feel like my head is spinning a lot of the time and that i'm always trying to play catch up. i haven't been able to work out consistently or keep up on the laundry...but it's worth it and i know it won't be like this forever. because...guys. look at her!

elli girl - you're too much! keep up the chubbiness, cuteness, and sweetness and we'll all get along juuuuuust fine.

December 06, 2017


soooo...reflecting back on my childhood, teeth falling out was a big deal. a right of passage. i also remember being super wimpy about it and humming and hawing and letting said tooth dangle for weeks until eventually i was brave enough to let my dad "pull" it (and by pull i mean tap because that's all it took). 

i also remember being around eight years old when my teeth started falling out. eight. not barely five.

but, sure enough...kaye pulled her second tooth last night. yes, you read that right. she pulled her own tooth. the first tooth she pulled in the car on the way home from school back in september. and then last night she decided to pull her tooth after rough-housing with her farmer. i just...that girl. she's far braver than i ever was. by a long shot.

as i was putting her to bed last night she asked me if the tooth fairy was going to visit her. i told her, "of course! just like last time!" (last time the tooth fairy left a special note and some's set a precedent.)

and because i wasn't sure i wanted to write out notes for all the teeth she's going to lose plus all the teeth her sisters will lose i decided to make a little tooth fairy printable that i can easily print out, fill out, and tuck under her pillow. 

guess what, you can do this too. i made a 5x7" card for boys and girls. all you have to do is fill out the blank spaces, mark the boxes, and fork over the cash.

so here's to the bravest five year old i know. i hope she doesn't call me out and express that she'd prefer special, hand-written notes from now on. 

feel free to pin for later!

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