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August 09, 2017


this post is going to be about my sister's visit with her two best gals and our trip to mccall...but before we get into that...

i had a terrible nightmare last night. let me preface by saying over the past year i've been working on getting rid of all our faux plants and incorporating actual greenery into our home. i cleans your air. it's healthy. plants are pretty and blah blah blah. we're up to six decent plants i've kept alive and i'm pretty proud! (especially considering plants + pots can get it was kind of a commitment.)

so last night i had this nightmare - i dreamed that i was going around the house watering all my plants only to realize i had overwatered them and they looked droopy, discolored, and waterlogged. in other words - dead-zo. i killed all my beautiful plants.

is this what adulting is? instead of dreaming about your next vacation you dream and worry about killing your plants? i don't know if i like it anymore. i want to go back.

anyway - silver lining! i woke up this morning (at 4:30 am) only to realize my plants were NOT dead. NOT waterlogged. but yes indeed - thriving. my plants are alive. crisis averted.

so for those of you who say you don't have a green thumb, but in fact have a black thumb...i'm here to tell you i have such a black thumb i actually dream of killing plants - yet i've still managed to keep my plants alive. here's my advice - go get yourself a plant and don't overwater it.

sheesh - that could have been the world's most boring post in and of itself...but i'm not done yet.

last week my sister and her family came for their annual visit to idaho from california. kelli and rob have two girls (two years old, two months old) - and i like to think they copied us. next up they'll be announcing baby girl number three. that would be hilarious. anyway, they came for their annual visit and aside from poor reese deciding she no longer wanted to sleep, the cousins played, swam, fought, boated, shared, didn't share, threw fits, hugged, ran around naked, etc. for a week solid.

it's very safe to say all parties involved (kids + parents + grandparents) were exhausted.
for documentation purposes - sawyer at 2 years 9 months / reese at 2 years 2 months / kaye at 4 years 9 months

yes - my farmer was able to outfit all girls with lookout binoculars. if i've said it once i'll say it a thousand farmer is a gear hoarder. it's never enough to have just one of something. if you want to go skiing there's a very solid chance he'll have several sizes of boots / skis / poles to fit your exact needs. rock climbing - he's got you covered. rafting - you can hop in our jacket provided.

speaking of rafting...kaye got to go on her very first rafting trip. my sister and i stayed back with the little gals while our manly men loaded the raft and hit the whitewater. the boys and kaye took a quick trip down the main payette and from what i hear, kaye had the best day of her life. and don't worry, let's just have a quick walk down memory lane...

my dad and me on a different stretch of the payette river.

my farmer and me long long ago...before we got married.
and now kaye and her farmer doing what idahoans love best.

isn't that the sweetest?! while they river rafted we lunched...
and then took these gals to an indoor play gym (because it was 105º). the play gym didn't last long due to the unfortunate fact that all the children were sucking up the oxygen in the place and i thought i was going to die. dramatic? of course.

in the following days we lunched some more and saywer proved us all wrong again by becoming far less insane and badger-esque and showing us just how sweet she can be. she's absolutely obsessed with babies - holding her new baby cousin lizzie whenever she got the chance.

and kaye continued to be the very very best oldest cousin...and it was the sweetest thing to witness. 
in hopes of beating the boise heat we headed to mccall for several days and immediately hit the lake.
did you guys know my gals have ANOTHER girl cousin? yes...all girls in this family. cousin bailee joined us for some sand-digging, kayak paddling, and dock jumping. 

and uncle robert proved to be uncle of the year. i wonder if he ever imagined being surrounded by that many little girls? i mean, does one family only have girls?
sawyer immediately got sand kicked in her was a real mood-killer.

the next day we headed back to brundage and took the chair lift to the top. you see...not only did we have to accommodate and find activities for all the little gals...but also a large pregnant gal. that's me. (four more weeks. it'll be over before i know it.)

the neeeeext day we headed to the lake for some relaxed boating...that required just about no being in close proximity to water and readily available snacks made for optimal conditions for this pregnant gal...and apparently sawyer too. girlfriend couldn't keep her eyes open. she'd sleep then fall back asleep, then wake, then sleep...bless her.

even sweet lizzie enjoyed the fact, i think she enjoyed the entire vacation. she didn't make a peep the entire week.

sawyer did wake up for a brief few to drive the boat and hop on the tube...she couldn't possibly miss out on all the fun.

and to round out our time in mccall we made stops at ice cream alley (a must!)...and of course, we brought felicia to the pool where the gals (and all the other random kids) couldn't get enough of her. to say she's a huge hit would be an understatement.

and because every time we visit mccall kaye asks if we can live can we deny her a few extra days? my farmer's parents offered to keep our two best gals so my farmer and i could have a few recovery days.

so what does my farmer do? pull four all-nighters as he finishes up our third cutting of hay. farm life.

the good news - nana and grandpa keep the gals busier and having more fun with golfing and biking and concerts and swimming and fairy hunting and pie's no wonder kaye wants to live with them. it's the very best way for our two best gals to round out their summer. next week - school.
August 08, 2017


another week, another bumpdate! and friends...i'm bumping. bumping so hard.
i can officially say this is my hardest, most uncomfortable pregnancy. i've been so lucky up until this point...but what i'm feeling now, and could potentially be feeling for four more weeks is absolutely for the birds.

feeling like my hips are (specifically the left side) coming loose. this makes it super hard to walk.
this super strange pregnancy itch on the top of my hands (specifically my left hand). it only starts at night...and sometimes the itch gets so bad i wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.
speaking of sleep - ugh. i've been waking up around 3:30 am each morning. usually i can go back to sleep for a bit, but this's not happening. 

i'm just one big barrel of complaints and i can barely stand myself. 

someone asked me the other day if i was ready for baby #3 - and at this point, how could i NOT be? i'm on a runaway train of complaints and misery and i want to get off. 

have i mentioned i'm extremely dramatic.

LUCKILY - the girls are with nana and grandpa (my farmer's parents) on an extended vacation. as much as i miss them, they are having far more fun than anything i could provide. i'm barely moving. even though it kind of seems like they are fully capable of creating their own fun. the other day they came upstairs looking like this...
i adore them...and picturing a third sister in there just makes my heart melt. THREE adorable gals. sigh.

and since the gals are with the grandparents again...the farmer and i "celebrated" our anniversary last night. and by celebrated i mean we made a frozen pizza, ate some ice cream...and he maaaaay have given me a foot and back rub. and i maaaaay have done this...

(pardon the's a screenshot of a video from instagram.)
i mean...why wouldn't i wiggle my way into my wedding dress?

THE NAME GAME | well...i hate to say it, but we are certainly no closer to picking a name. we've been tossing around a list of 15 or so for awhile, but the ones my farmer leans towards aren't my favorite and my favorites don't jive with his tastes. we're really the worst at this...but give us a break. having to pick out a third girl name is kind of hilarious...and hard.
WEIGHT GAIN / WORK OUTS | workouts...let's just get that out of the way - those aren't happening anymore. get real. as much as i'd like to say i'm still marching along, getting my cardio in, but as i left leg feels like it's trying to fall off.

but my weight gain is doing just fine! i'm up to 15 pounds, thanks to the costco-sized bag of walnuts i ate in one week. let me say that again - a giant bag of one week. are walnuts good for your hair?

SYMPTOMS | do we need to go here? itchy left hand. dislocated left hip. no sleep. a real treasure to be around.

SIZE OF BABY | this little muff is about 18 inches and nearly six pounds...maybe more, thanks to the walnuts. 
KAYE'S THOUGHTS | kaye continues to be the sweetest thing in the world. she's so sensitive and sweet and she's just turned into the most phenomenal gal...and i can't wait to see her be a big sister to this next gal. 

you see...when sawyer was born she was almost two and i'm pretty sure she had about zero clue there was a baby in the house. not only was she oblivious, but sawyer also slept for the first six months of her life, making it difficult to realize she was there. that's funny, considering sawyer is so far from a sleepy muffin these days.

anyway - kaye talks to the baby, rubs my belly, and asks a million questions - specifically about how the baby is going to get out of my belly and breastfeeding. 
SAWYER'S THOUGHTS | i've seen a ray of light with sawyer. this past week we were in mccall with my family...and my sister was there with her brand new baby gal. (there were five girl cousins total + the girl in my belly.) anyway, sawyer was in LOVE with this sweet baby and any chance she had to hold or cuddle or pet lizzie lou lou - she was all over it. between our farmer and sawyer i'm not sure i'm ever going to hold this new babe.

PURCHASES | if we're counting organization totes and baby hangers as purchases, then yes...i made some purchases. so exciting! (sarcasm)

but, now that i have the baby clothes hanging in the closet it's clear to me that i obviously need to buy a few newborn clothes. i just neeeeed to. right?

and here are a few more sneak peeks of the nursery...which i still feel like needs just a few more bits and bobs.
CRIES THIS WEEK | i should change this topic to complaints this week...because let's be real...just read above. wow.

ps. did you see the gender reveal video i posted several weeks ago? i still can't get enough of it.
July 24, 2017


friends - this summer is really shaping up to not suck. i thought it was going to be quite the bummer...what with being so hugely pregnant and all.

hi 100º temperatures for weeks on end! hi endless sweating! hi heartburn!'s been wonderful! but that also means it's absolutely flown by. can we talk about how it's almost august and my two best gals start school august 16th! say what?! i'm still coping...

anyway - we had another wonderful week / weekend for the books and our summer isn't slowing down. my sister and her family arrive from california on friday! i'll get to see my new niece, lizzy lou lou la poo! (not her official name...just what the girls and i call her behind my sister's back.)

last week the gals and i popped into the local aquarium (which is wild to even consider that boise has an aquarium) after swimming lessons and the girls had the very best time. i was SHOCKED at their bravery - eagerly touching lizards and sticking their hands in fresh water fish ponds AND touching stingrays on repeat. kaye, especially, couldn't get enough. sawyer was slightly more hesitant, but because kaye was okay with it...sawyer decided she was too.

but this past was a busy one. my farmer's sister got herself all married up and my farmer managed to get his booty out of the combine so we could help her celebrate. not to mention...our gals were her flower girls! ummm...hello stage mom! i couldn't have been more proud. blah blah blah...bride / wedding / happiness.

my girls were flower girls!!

i was kind of a token flower girl in the late 80's / early 90', no big deal. full circle and all that jazz. (actually, i think i was in five weddings - one more and i would have hired an agent.)

moving on. the wedding happened to be at 9am an hour and a half outside of boise (in the opposite direction of our farm). we were going to just wake the girls up super early and do the drive, but at the last minute we decided to book a hotel in boise and make it ever so slightly easier on ourselves.

we checked in and the girls couldn't stop talking about the hotel and kaye wanted to live there and can we go back to the hotel and...i think we have a little city girl on our hands.

we also hit up a new ice cream shop downtown and it didn't disappoint. friends - if you're in the area, hit up The Stil!!! just do it! not only is their ice cream just so so delicious, but you can order a beer / ice cream tasting or a wine / ice cream tasting. they come in little flights and it's the cutest thing. i'm going to need to look into seeing if they offer some sort of frequent flyer or punch card. it was delicious...and the gals and farmer enjoyed it as well.

we didn't get the gals in bed until 11pm that night. parents of the year. it doesn't matter. the girls were wonderful...and exhausted...and totally didn't get enough sleep for the early wake up call the next morning.

but as i said earlier...they absolutely nailed their flower girl duties. the cutest!

the reception was unlike any other. the bride and groom fixed up their backyard and had a giant swing, face paint, music, food, beverage, hula hoops, some fire was really unlike anything you've ever seen. totally my farmer's sister's style...and everyone had a wonderful time. especially kaye...when it was time to leave. the poor girl. i told her to give kisses and say her goodbyes. and as that was happening, she disappeared. i finally found her under a teepee crying. she was so sad to be going...and exhausted.

we made it back to the farm and i didn't move for the next...for the rest of the night. i think the girls ate wheat thins for dinner, i can't be sure.

on sunday i was like, "hey, why not start yet ANOTHER painting project! i just haven't had enough painting in my life this month." and so i did. i'm bound and determined to paint a room white with one black feature wall...just like the picture. my farmer begged me twice not to do it, but it's happening. he's convinced it's not going to be good...and i'm like - trust me. (except...i don't really trust myself.) so far i have three walls painted white and today i'll tackle operation : get rid of the mint green stripes. paint wall black. wish me all the luck.

happy week, friends.

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