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November 16, 2017


oh just stop it. stop it right now with those cheeks. that belly. that SMILE! those eyes. those eyes that smile all on their own. i just can't even...

and even though this post is 10 days late (she was two months on the 6th) it has to be noted because i can't be failing at this third child thing only two months in...right? right.

first of all, if you need to get caught up, you can find elli's birth story here.

and then her one month update here.

so, here we are, well into month two and i can't say i've ever come off that "high" of having a baby. i mean...sure i'm exhausted and sure i got super mad at sawyer for jumping on elli yesterday (don't get me started). bed time is an absolute shit show with my farmer working well into the night for corn when i have to run it solo - yikes. but...does it get better than having three girls? THREE? maybe four. four girls could be perfect.

i joke.

let's talk about elli. let's talk about how everyone we encounter tell me how much kaye and sawyer look just like our farmer but elli girl looks like me. what is it? is it her double chin? her big belly? or just her super sweet disposition? all of the above. whatever it is, i'm just thrilled to finally have a kid that people say resembles me. it only took three tries.

but aside from her being so sweet and patient and an excellent car rider and just perfect, she continues to make our days brighter, full of love...and can always put a smile on our faces with her ear to ear grins.

nicknames | the baby (quite literal), sweet girl, elli

unlike our turtle and our bitty...elli has yet to get a nickname. she's just our elli-girl. this will make it easy for her to recognize when we're talking to her considering i don't think kaye and sawyer knew their true names until very recently.

size | girlfriend is clocking in at12 pounds! she just had her two month checkup and she's shot up like crazy. the nurse was puzzled by the growth so we weighed her again. and yes...12 pounds it is. that puts her in the 55th percentile - up from the 20th percentile last month.

her height is definitely plugging along too. she's pushing the toes in her 0-3 month clothing so i moved her into 3 - 6 months and she's much more comfy. she's in the 66th percentile there...which again is a huge jump from last month.

and her head? let's just say she has a big brain. like...super big. 93rd percentile. large and in charge.

sleep | sweet baby gal is so easy on me. during the day, about ever hour and a half, i'll rock her in my arms until her eyes are heavy. i'll give her a smooch on the forehead and tell her i love her. i do this because i really do love her...but i also want to make sure she's awake while i lay her down. and down she goes. i don't know if this trend of easy sleeping will continue or what...but for now i'm just soaking up all the ease.

at night time she goes down at about 6:30 pm and then i'll wake her at 10 for a nursing session before i go to bed. then i'll wake her again between 2 and 3 am. and that's that. her next nursing session is sometime between 6 and 7 am.

for now - i have a unicorn baby. just magical.

elli still smiles and laughs in her sleep and i hope that never stops.

eats | elli is still a great eater every three hours. she could probably go longer and may even prefer that...but i prefer every three. plus if i can get those cheeks just a little chubbier...i'd just love that. also...kaye and sawyer never had thigh or wrist rolls. i'd love to see what that looks like on our elli. so...every three hours it is.

she's finally done spitting up which is glorious. she had some terrifying (in my opinion, but apparently it's totally normal) projectiles there in the beginning...but we haven't seen any of those for awhile.

loves | our gal loves talking. she'll lock eyes and coo and chatter for as long as you'll let her. it's hard to stop because she just keeps smiling. (are you seeing a trend? she's seriously so so happy.) she likes watching me do my computer work and she really loves farming with her farmer.

dislikes | girlfriend definitely doesn't love when her sister's get in her face. kaye and sawyer think they are being sweet but really they are just way too close and way too loud. i remember a friend telling me she had to constantly tell her boys to back off...and that seems to ring true with elli's siblings as well.

the upside to this is her sister's absolutely adore her and are so willing to help me with whatever i need. i always ask if they want to help me change her diaper...and i know one day they'll take me up on it and then i'll be in the clear.

elli girl - you're too cute and sweet and more than we deserve. we're looking forward to thanksgiving and your first christmas...and of course ringing in 2018 with you. get your party pants on.

November 09, 2017


i mean...what kind of blogger would i be if i missed a holiday? (even though i kind of want to. it wasn't our best halloween, after all.)

our day started out super promising. i had both girls ready for school on time. halloween costumes packed and ready for trick-or-treating in the big city after their school's halloween party.

speaking of halloween party - i thought it would be fun to volunteer, but what ended up happening was a lot of crying and whining from sawyer...and of course all of a sudden she couldn't throw away her own plate. she couldn't wash her hands. basically...everything she's been doing for the past 10 weeks at school by herself...she could no longer do because i was there. go figure. at one point she literally said - my legs are broken. she's a comedian, that one.

after the party we snagged the gals and headed to boise. we have some friends who live on an epic, historic street in one of the downtown neighborhoods. they were having a little party, and even though we were headed to a different part of town for trick or treating...we couldn't pass up hitting up their party. we were only slightly #overcommitted - seeing as how by the end of the night all parties involved we completely spent. but live once.

we got in a few early houses and a few treats and drinks at their party. i was able to bribe the girls into letting me make-up their faces. sawyer insisted on having bright red lip stain just like her sister. well...the first thing she did was throw a mini fit and wipe her face (before it was dry) and for the rest of the night she looked like a cheetah that had attacked a zebra - basically a blood smeared face. so adorable.

they humored me and smiled for the obligatory picture - and i've officially accepted that next year i'm 100% sure they won't let me pick their costume. they won't be matching. and poor elli will never know the cuteness of twinning.

when it started getting dark we headed across town for some dinner with friends and their kids. pizza was had and of course, elli needed her dinner too. so...i was ditched for the first houses. i stayed back and fed elli while our farmer took the big gals. unfortunately, in that time, kaye decided it was a great time to inform us that she was sick. seriously. our farmer split from the group, came back to the house and that was the end of trick or treating for them - all of five minutes.

after i finished feeding elli i convinced sawyer to let me take her back out and those extra 10 minutes were so worth it. it was her first year of actual trick or treating. she ran to each door - twick ow tweet! thank you! and i stood at the sidewalk and smiled like an idiot mom. (because that's what i do when i realize how freaking adorable my children are - no bias.)

sawyer filled her bag. kaye was sick. elli was fed. it was time to head back to the farm. the girls slept in the following day. kaye's fever broke in the night and she was ship shape the next day. halloween 2017 almost won...but we survived. it should also be noted that the girls haven't asked for one piece of candy. what?!
October 31, 2017


thank you to minted for sponsoring today's post. all opinions are my own.

raise your hand if family pictures stress you out! happens to me every year. i hum and haw about what we're going to wear. where we're going to take them. herding my cats to one location. making sure we have smiles on our faces...

because dammit...we're a happy family.

but seriously, we are. just not when we're taking family pictures.

however, when i grace my home with all the images and ESPECIALLY when i get to take one of the images and place it in our holiday card to send out to our nearest and dearest...that's when i'm always happy we embraced the family photo for yet another year.

i also always know i'm going to be visiting minted for our cards. it just doesn't get better than their designs. (even as a designer!)

so let's talk holiday cards.

2014 was pretty epic. sawyer was a brand brand new baby when we had our pictures taken. kaye was two - enough said.
this will never fade from my very most favorite card...and i hope our friends and family got a kick out of it. such a raw moment. 

the following year...well, it was magic. i took time picking out our outfits. i hadn't just had a baby so i was feeling good and rested. the weather was gorgeous. we snapped our family pictures in the foothills of boise and when we got them back from the photographer i had a hard time picking my favorite. what it lacked in humor it made up for in a sweet family memento. came time for 2016 and i thought - can lightening strike twice? can we really get good holiday cards two years in a row? 

and it happened. it really did. i'm a sucker for gold foil...can you tell?
now we're closing out 2017. we snapped out family photos last week in boise again. (all my farmer ever wanted was to take pictures on the farm.) it was yet another gorgeous fall in fact. i was sweating...but pair a great photographer with minted cards...and i'm once again ready to peruse all the selections on the minted site to find our perfect christmas card.

the nicest part is uploading your image and being able to quickly see your picture in every single card. it makes the selection process much easier...or maybe that much harder because you want to order all of them.

see what i mean?
regardless - i've certainly picked out some favorites and i wanted to share those with you today! because - if you're looking for a beautiful holiday card i can't say enough about the quality and selection you get from minted

(i mean - friends - i design holiday cards and i still use minted as opposed to my own. what is that saying? it's saying that minted is either really really out of this world wonderful...or i don't trust myself. maybe a little of both.)

first up...
found here
spoiler...this is my favorite one and that's just how it's going to be. like i said...i can't get away from gold foil. it's also simple but still special...and i love it.
found here
here's another goodie. in a lot of the options you can find the foil overlay...but it still has color. it's a win / win. especially since we went with green for the gals this year...
found here
am i ridiculous? i can't get enough of seeing my three gals and my super hunky farmer on all these cards! i really love this one because of the watercolor AND foil overlay AND it's framed. 
found here
oh dear...i forgot i picked this one. actually, i think this one is my favorite. please note that you can pick different cuts for your card! here i rounded the corners, but there is also a wave option as well as standard corners.
found here
and last but not least...some more green. some more foil. would it be weird if i sent out five sets of cards?

one of the things i like about minted is you can find all styles of design - but i tend to go for the simple. then, when family and friends flip the card over there is a message and of course i'll be splashing it full of more pictures of my THREE best gals this year - another minted feature i love.

and before i forget - minted is running 15% off their holiday cards right now! you just have to use code JOY17. you can purchase now and put your photo in later. simple as that. (it runs through 11/06/17!)

so, as we round out halloween and welcome the holiday seriously can't go wrong with minted!

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