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October 17, 2017


it's no secret...i'm a big fan of a currently post. not only are they informative of...absolutely nothing, but they do provide me a look back into my life of exactly all the things that are not important.

but it is fitting...because everything around here is pretty random these days. three kids = no joke.


i'm totally wishing...i could pull the trigger on my nordstrom cart. there's a cozy cardigan and some mules (and some booties) in there that i thiiiink i need...but i really shouldn't be purchasing ANYTHING until i burn everything in my current closet. someone slipping her happy pills? is she on drugs? what's going on? our sawyer-muff has done a complete 180º and is an absolute treasure (that is what you are - bruno mars) as of late. the fits are at a complete minimum, she listens, she's smiling, she loves me and not just our farmer...i can't tell you how little i've yelled lately. as in...i don't think i've yelled at all. what?!

kaye...however, kaye and i have reached the dreaded stage in life where she wants to pick her clothes every day, get dressed herself, and wear her hair in a frizzy faux-mullet because she insists on brushing it herself as well. friends - i'm ALL ABOUT the independence...but girlfriend needs a little help here and there. as, it's 31º can't wear shorts. we've been having lots of talks about weather-appropriate clothing. after fight #994847 i took to putting away anything with short sleeves. so that's our main issue...her gusto for complete independence.

on the flip side...there's never been a better big sister. if i ask her to keep an eye on elli when i hop in the shower...i'll finish and come out to check and kaye is right there singing her the same song she started with...on loop. she also thinks when elli has the hiccups she's hungry and insists i feed her immediately. and then looks at me like i'm the meanest mom when i don't. #pickmybattles #iflookscouldkill

allllso - kaye has turned into quite the artist. her drawings are in 3d, she loves including special notes. and has even taken to constructing little airplanes...i don't even know. i was not this kid. (extremely co-dependent, little sister...and i still am. hi kelli!)

sipping on...some glorious coffee. i just love waking early in the morning to enjoy my coffee while it's still hot. lord knows if i have to reheat it it'll get forgotten in the microwave and i won't see it again until the next day. also, i used to put almond milk in my coffee but have recently switched to cream and good lord...i've been missing out.

this past weekend...we got our farmer the entire time! friends - i can almost taste the end of harvest. (granted...we still have about 1000 acres of corn to finish...) but whatever! we got my farmer the entire weekend and it was the best. we met up with friends in boise. we ate out. one of his college buddies came to the farm and shot a deer (we have no fewer than 1 million deer on the farm that eat all our corn). we attended amy's harvest party...and all in all it felt like a real weekend!

trying to get motivated...our outside needs serious attention and i've been full-on neglecting it since september 6th...the day elli was born. so...i should probably get busy. pulling all our outdoor cushions and pillows. storing away all the outside toys. mowing the lawn one final time. and maybe i'll get motivated and buy some mums and hack down some dried corn stalks and decorate our front porch. buuut...probably not.

i also need to get busy on the workouts. my treadmill is just calling my name downstairs. i'm six weeks post-partum TOMORROW! so...i'm going to go for it today during elli's nap.

the holidays...they are upon us! as in...they'll be here before we know it. what do you do for thanksgiving / christmas? for the past few years we've traveled for thanksgiving and stayed home for christmas. i'm definitely leaning towards california again for thanksgiving (hi kelli and rob!). then i'm going to try to talk my farmer into driving down the coast to monteray bay. i hear there's a great aquarium there, so, that could be fun!

watching...nothing. sigh. i finished call the midwife a few weeks ago and it was GLORIOUS. any recommendations are very welcome!

bringing back...guys...i need to bring back Monday Mama! it's just a little series i used to to featuring moms who run their own businesses. know of a mom who could be featured? have them contact me and we'll get the ball rolling!

happy happy tuesday!
October 09, 2017


fall...does it get better than fall? and i don't even like pumpkin spice lattes. what do i like? cooler weather. first days of school, birthday celebrations (x5 - my farmer, me, elli all in september. and sawyer and kaye in october.)...and of course, harvest, which means farm season is coming to a slow-down. (i say slow-down because it's never really over.)
and pumpkin patches. we've made it to two pumpkin patches so far this fall we can mark that off the list. (even though i'm sure we'll be making it at least a few more times. we're lucky we can do this so in a rural (extremely rural) area means there are farms full of corn and pumpkins aplenty. the one we frequent has a pumpkin patch, hay rides, a corn maze, bins of corn for the kids to dig in, and a giant pyramid of death to climb. 
girl-dadding so hard
('s a pyramid of straw bales that you know kids can't stay off of and you end up scrambling around forty feet in the air trying to keep your three year old from either falling between the bales or plummeting to the ground. 
pumpkin patches - so fun. but i mean...if it's can get away with stuff like that, right? 
naturally, at this pumpkin patch, we met up with amy and her boys (like we do every year because it sits between our two farms). the farmers chatted endlessly about farm things and kaye made heart eyes at brody. sawyer had a brief love affair with a super old tractor. and...elli didn't make a peep until she decided she was starving. at which point i went to the car and fed her...and ate a bunch of cookies i found. that's a win.
our second pumpkin patch was a solo outing for a school field trip with the gals' school. it was a little organic pumpkin patch and everyone got to pick out their pumpkins. i was strapping elli into the ergo when a wise wise mom suggested brining my stroller so i could carry the baby AND the pumpkins. work smarter not harder. duh! 
unfortunately, this also meant kaye took the liberty of loading all the cute! pumpkins she could find. we were told small pumpkins were $2 and medium sized pumpkins were $3. from what i saw in the stroller...i was looking at a pretty heft bill. luckily...the kind farmer took one look at me with my three gals and basically let us steal our fall decor. farmers - the tenderest of hearts. 
we snapped the obligatory pumpkin photos, grabbed our pumpkins and i was officially tired. i mean...overall the outing wasn't tiring, but getting limited sleep, wrangling three kids into clothing, making breakfast, loading and unloading...that is the tiring stuff.
and while we're talking about momming of three - i do think i've had it pretty easy. kaye is such a sweetheart. sawyer has actually taken a turn for the better (thank god...we were about to send her back). and elli...elli at four weeks old is sleepy and relaxed.
overall - these two have made the transition to three pretty easy-ish. and it totally helps that they are so cute, funny, and like to make fun of my fall hats.
October 04, 2017


and just like that...four weeks came and went. in those four weeks we welcomed our elliott, celebrated my farmer's birthday, my birthday, and started corn harvest.

now that i have that typed out, it really doesn't seem like we've been that busy...but it's flying by.

let's start with those initial weeks home. if you read elli's birth story you know that her arrival was picture perfect. i was induced and had her about six hours later. we stayed in the hospital one night and were home by the following afternoon.

the strange part was...i didn't remember feeling this beat up after kaye or sawyer. i had some seriously horrific hip-flexor pain that has plagued me up until just a few days ago. it actually made it pretty painful to walk on most days. so strange, considering i felt "normal" after just a couple of weeks with kaye and sawyer.

there are other super not glamorous recovery bits that could be discussed, but just know...this third round was by far the hardest. whether it was because she was bigger than sawyer or because i have three kids at home and i was trying my best to play with them, feed them, take them to school, was just a harder healing process. pair that with the fact that wearing a pad sucks just about worse than anything. was making me go crazy. can i get an amen?

but blah blah blah...that's in the past now and life has resumed...except now we're taking "breaks" every hour (or so it seems) to nurse. sometimes it's an hour...sometimes it's two or three. and in just takes a little bit longer to get tasks complete and / or leave the house.


nicknames | the baby (quite literal), sweet girl, elli

weight | eight pounds...but i think she would weigh more if it weren't for her epic epic, world record breaking poo two evenings ago. i should also note he feet are huge and her fingers are so long. i truly believe she'll be in bigger shoes than sawyer within the first two years. (sawyer is three and still in a size five.) elli is also super tall. while i'm not positive on her height (21" at birth)...she's probably grown 10 inches since.

sleep | we have another sleepy muffin on our hands. and while elli isn't as sleepy as sawyer was, she's a far better sleeper than kaye. (sawyer would sleep for about 23 hours a day...or so it seemed, and kaye would only sleep if i was holding her.)

elli, while sleepy, will wake for several hours a day and with her giant, blue peepers watch us all like we're insane. she also wakes super consistently for eating...girlfriend is never about to miss a meal, and she also definitely doesn't like her diaper to be wet. so as long as food and wetness are taken care of, she's either sleeping or happy.

elli also has the sweetest smile and giggle while she dreams. i die! that sweet smile also reveals a little dimple on her left cheek that neither girl has. can you outgrow dimples? i hope not!

eats | i'm so relieved to say...we have a great eater on our hands. maybe it's her...maybe it's our teamwork, but nursing has been progressively easier with each gal. and for the cherry on top...hey hey calorie burn. love that.

loves | oh LOVE to sleep on your farmer's chest. it's like a sleeping potion for you. you also enjoy when kaye sings to you...and she sings to you A LOT. all original songs, and they usually consist of some combination of lyrics that include - sweet baby girl, you are the sweetest, i love you... - it's adorable. and while we're at it - sawyer loves you too, but i'm not certain you love sawyer...yet. maybe it's because she likes holding you but then shoves you off her lap after five seconds or less. and dare i also love me. you love cuddling during late night nursing sessions, and i love it too. i actually stay awake longer so i can steal those quiet moments with you while you snooze.

dislikes | wet / dirty diapers, not being burped. you definitely need burped every single time you eat. oh! and it should also be toot. a lot.

elli - you're just too sweet for words. we absolutely adore you and while i want you to be a muffiny newborn forever...i also cannot wait to watch you grow up with your sisters.

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